Collision Avoidance Systems Installations

Backup Cameras

The addition of a backup camera to your vehicle enhances safety during reverse parking within parking lots and driveways.  Moreover, it facilitates monitoring of a trailer during reverse parking.  There are various ways the picture generated by the cameras can be viewed including: through a dash mounter monitor, rear view mirror monitor, or a video screen installed within the car stereo head unit.





Parking SensorsParking sensor systems contain ultrasonic proximity detectors that have the ability to calculate the distance between your vehicle and nearby objects.  These can be installed at the front and/or rear bumper fascias.

Dash Cams
Our company is pleased to announce that we also offer professional vehicle dash cam installation services.  We offer single or dual channel dash cams, but we also provide power controller installation services.  To ensure that you receive quality service, we have extensively trained and efficient technicians with years of professional experience installing dash cams.  Our dash cam installation professionals specialize in custom installations that set up the dash cam in a manner that best suits the vehicle and allows for optimal viewing.  In addition our installation professionals are equipped to wire up a variety of dash cam models such as the BlackVue high-end dash cam.  With our extensive expertise, professionalism, and prices we are dedicated to providing you with excellent dash cam installation services.


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