Motorized Drapes & Shade Control

Motorized shade control is an innovative feature allowing your home to adapt to the natural lighting environment depending on the time of the day.  All it takes is the pressing of a button and your home adjusts accordingly; thereby, improving the overall ambiance.

Create a More Comfortable Home

There are multiple implications of motorized curtains and blinds.  Some individuals rely on such as a natural alarm clock, where automated blinds open at a specific pre-designated time.  Not only in the morning, but you have the option to set pre-designated times throughout the day for curtains/blinds to open and close depending on your preferences.
Furthermore, motorized shade control can also be used as a means for climate control during our super hot summers and chilly winters.  For instance, during winter you could have sun facing window blinds open and blinds where it is more drafty closed.

Enhance Your Home Theatre

Motorized shade control is a feature particularly useful in home theatre rooms.  For instance, when watching a movie during the day or early evening you can easily adjust the blinds with a control to prevent unwanted light from entering.

Motorized and Automatic Shade Control at your Fingertips

EMS offers motorized drape and shade control services allowing you to regulate the amount of natural light entering your home via automated control at your fingertips.

Get Started With Your Installation

For automatic and/or motorized blind, drape, or shade control please contact at us 604-723-5483.   We can arrange to visit your home to conduct a consultation and commence the process of designing and implementing motorized shade control in your home.