The EMS Home Theater Installation & Design

Within the Lower Mainland, EMS specializes in home theatre installations that align with the decor of your home and elicit a cinematic ambiance.  Furthermore, our installations are conducted to ensure high quality sound and visual depiction.  

With years of professional experience in the field we are attentive to seamless lines, lighting, clean finishing, flush fixtures among other details during audio-visual installation.  Therefore, upon completion you are left with a home theatre system that delineates aesthetic appeal and styling.
EMS associates with various credible professionals in the Lower Mainland including craftsmen, designers, and contractors that share our principles and values when it comes to delivering outstanding customer service.

Why Call in the A/V Professionals?

1. Best Equipment for Quality Audio/Visual Experience
When it comes to home theatre systems, the performance quality of the sound and video is a top priority.  Our staff is knowledgeable about different equipment available, and we work within your budget to install high quality audio and video components.


2. Optimization and Calibration of Theatre Systems
Having top quality equipment does not suffice.  All components need to be connected and positioned a certain way relative to each other.  Our staff is highly skilled at installing and setting up theatre systems to allow for the optimal theatre experience.


3. Connect All of Your Media
In today’s contemporary times, technology is continuing to evolve and home theatre system components extend beyond your TV and audio/surrounding sound systems.  We ensure that all other media devices (such as your phone or tablet) are connected and in sync with the theatre system based on preferences.

Start Your Home Theater Project Today

Are you considering upgrading the audio-visual experience in your home? To get started please give as a call at 604-723-5483 for more information.