Don’t feel safe leaving your car unattended in open parking lots or starting your vehicle ahead of time to warm it up? We offer high-quality alarms and remote systems from EMS that will enhance the security of your vehicle.  




Choosing the correct system varies from person to person as their needs differ.  For instance, remote car starters vary in the range of their signal.  Depending on one’s lifestyle (home, work, etc.), they may need a certain range to accommodate them best.  Our staff is committed to helping you select and install car security alarms and remote starts that are most suitable for you.




We offer remote start and security systems by Compustar and Idatalink.  These systems are well suited for over 90% of vehicles including manual transmissions and Foreign models.




Additionally, Compustar specializes in “Factory Fit” systems for certain vehicle makes.  These systems are designed and customized to accommodate your particular vehicle.  Enquire today and learn more about how Compustar can improve your vehicle.




We provide and install Remote Starts for Semi Trucks as well. Compustar Drone now allows you to start your truck or equipment from anywhere around the globe.

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